Who am I?

My name is Giedrius Saulėnas and I am 22 years old technology enthusiast, hacker, creator, from Lithuania.

What am I doing?


Learning, teaching what I’ve learned, and documenting my journey. Some of the things I like and am trying to get good at:

  • Penetration testing, vulnerability assesments, web application security.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Creating things (tools, scripts, small websites or whatnot).
  • Bug bounties.


These are the things I have experience with:

  • Programming languages and frameworks: Python, Node.js, Laravel
  • Cybersecurity tools: Acunetix, Burp Suite, OpenVAS, Nessus, Kali Linux tools overall
  • Other: WordPress, Linux VMs configuation and hardening, quality assurance, stress testing, bug bounty programs



  • Vilnius University Informatics bachelor’s degree.
    • During my studies I had different courses, such as: introduction to computer architecture, OOP programming, data structures, UNIX operating systems, database management systems, fundamentals of business, program system’s engineering, computer networks, managing projects and programmes, advanced topics in information security, network security, service management, software archtiecture.
    • For the whole sophomore year I’ve participated in the PBL (Problem-Based learning) projects. During the two semesters we, a team of the groupmates, were creating projects instead of the majority of the usual classes. We’ve developed content sharing system, and traffic sign recognition system. As we were fresh IT students, we learned a lot of things, from drawing diagrams, projecting systems, to programming a real systems, making presentations about it and presenting it to other groups and lecturers. We had also a lot of discussions and technical talks between our group, that helped us to grow as specialists.
    • Graduated with honors. Topic of the thesis: “Secure vulnerability scanner for system auditing”.

I’ve participated in

  • Number of OWASP Lithuania Chapter Meetups (so far only as a listener)
  • Amber Mist 2020 - international cybersecurity exercise, organized by the Defence Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. 2020-09-14 - 2020-09-25

Why cybersecurity?

Even though I am trying to put all my efforts into the domains of cybersecurity, I remain open minded. However, cybersecurity is an area that is really interesting for me. What fascinates me the most:

  • You are always learning. Different technologies, different tools, different business domains. Cybersecurity is so broad that you face a lot of variety.
  • There is always a challenge. Even though cybersecurity might be an uphill fight, it is still fun trying.
  • You get to hang around (either, virtually or physically) very smart people.