TryHackMe Advent of Cyber 2 - 25 days of hacking

Great opportunity to win prizes and gain skills?

What’s the Advent of Cyber 2? Advent of Cyber is an event of “hacking” organized by TryHackMe. It consists of a series of cybersecurity tasks that are released daily starting from the First of December. For the 25 consecutive days beginner friendly tasks are released. Each of the tasks has... [Read More]

How to install DirBuster on Linux?

Simple way of how you can install and use DirBuster

DirBuster is one of the handy tools that is used during the reconnaissance stage. It helps to discover existing directories of the system. In simple words, it is a multithreaded application for brute forcing the directories. So, basically, it works like this: you launch the Dirbuster, choose a dictionary, set... [Read More]